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Scheduled a photo session for your family and want to include your pet(s) but don’t know how to prepare? You’re in the right spot! I have narrowed down the best tips I’ve seen my clients do to ensure that they get great photos of their pets with their family sessions. I hope these help you as well!

Tips for including your pet in your photo session:

1. Bring toys & treats
Toys, treats, and more treats! That’s right, super simple. Bring your pet’s favorite toys and treats to keep them happy throughout the session.

2. Feed before the session
Just like babies, pets can be the same when it comes to being hungry during a session (who am I kidding, I would be the same! Lol). Making sure they are fed and happy before we have them “model” for us, is always a good trick!

3. Include an outfit or accessories to match your outfit color pallete
This one is totally optional but super cute! As you can see by this cute family on the blog, they opted for a super cute bow tie for their pet that complemented the colors they chose for their outfits. If you don’t want to use an accessory, that’s totally fine! But using a neutral color leash also helps!

4. Allow plenty of time
This one might seem obvious but sometimes it can be so easy to forget about. The main tip is to try to get to the session a little early so your pet can run around and get comfortable with the location before you have to ask them to “sit” or “stay”.

5. Have fun!
Last but not least… have fun at the session! It can be difficult to not stress when our pets don’t do “as we say” but just keep in mind that sometimes the best photographs are the ones when not only pets but people as well are not looking at the camera and just enjoying each other while playing, smiling, etc.

That’s it! Easy, right? You totally have this on your next session with your pet(s)!

January 16, 2023

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