Houston Summer Engagement Photos | Katelyn & Jonathan

Meet Katelyn and Jonathan! They are engaged and currently planning their wedding for December of this year. I’ll have the honor to be there to document the day and I am so excited! I can already tell it’s going to be a fun wedding. They are perfect for each other and you can just feel the love in these photos. Only a few more months, you two! Read a little more about their story below.

What is your proposal story?

“We were living together for a year and then bought a house together, and were like: “We should probably get married at some point”. So Katelyn started looking at rings and found one she liked. It happened to be on clearance and actually really hard to find (it’s part of the Disney collection). It was online on Zales and it took a month to track down. We got a really good deal on it and Jonathan is super frugal, so we bought it and when it came in (that took another month) Katelyn actually went to pick it up. So no official story, just deciding together to take this step.” 

Favorite part about being engaged?

“It’s definitely not the wedding planning or the cost (lol) but the anticipation of the wedding is exciting. Dressing up, all of our friends and family there, partying all night, it’s going to be a ton of fun; and then of course being married will be amazing!” 

What advice do you have for other couples planning a wedding?

“We actually haven’t done a whole lot of wedding planning yet, and that’s mainly because we have an all-inclusive venue so there’s not a whole lot to do. Or at least, there’s not a whole lot of vendors to track down, which is nice. So all-inclusive venues are good if you can swing it. Also, make a google spreadsheet to track everything, people’s addresses, gifts, whether you sent out an invitation or not, received an RSVP, etc. If it’s in your google drive you can access it from anywhere, no need to lug around a log sheet or book that you might misplace or not have when you need it.” 

July 31, 2020

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