Old Town Spring Engagement Photos | Paige & Will

Meet Paige and Will. This beautiful and joyful couple will be getting married this coming January at Hochzeit Hall in Spring, Texas. I will have the privilege of photographing their big day and I cannot wait!

For their engagement session, we met at their venue in Spring and visited Old Town Spring since it’s practically right next to it. It was such a beautiful day and you could tell spring was just around the corner here in Texas.

Here are a few questions answered by Paige herself about their story and their wedding planning. Enjoy!

What is your proposal story?

               “A little back story to tie this knot altogether. To begin, Will had known all along that I had inherited a diamond from my great grandmother and that I did want that as the center stone of my wedding ring one-day {he got lucky!} but, this also meant he would have to design a ring for me around that stone. When the time came of his decision to move forward and begin the ring making process, he contacted my mom to help him out. In late September he met with her at a jeweler downtown to get the diamond and make my ring. We had looked online at ring designs over the last few years, so he knew what I liked but he had his own design in his mind also. He decided to design the ring as a three-stone, vintage-looking ring. Turns out, he actually inherited two diamonds from his grandmother, which he used as the two side diamonds. Who gets that lucky to have such a special wedding ring!? I am SO grateful!

               Months later, and I do not know how he kept the secret for so long, we traveled to Arkansas to visit my family for Thanksgiving. I was so happy he finally got to travel with me to one of my favorite places. He took a guy’s day with my dad the day after Thanksgiving and got haircuts, visited the downtown mountain top and drank a few beers together, all while I was with the girls setting up for my Aunt’s wedding reception that evening. The reception was beautiful, and it reminded me of how happy I truly am to have this man in my life and how I couldn’t wait for our special day. Little did I know…

               The next day, Saturday, my mom had told me all along before the trip that we would be throwing a surprise birthday dinner for my great grandmother and that no one else knew but us (I thought that was kind of odd haha). My mom and now fiancé had this whole engagement planned even down to hiring a photographer to capture our special moment months before. CRAZY! So, we wake up Saturday morning and my mom says we are going for breakfast and to shop around downtown, then go up to the mountain (I thought this was weird because the boys had just gone the day before). Anyways, I had an outfit picked out and of course, my mom made me change into something cuter (haha). Breakfast ends and we go shopping for a bit, then head up the mountain. We get to the overlook spot and are looking around, and Will all the sudden says, “Look over there, you see that bird?” Mind you, I am blind as a bat, so I did not see any such bird… LOL! And as soon as I knew it, I looked to my left and he was down on one knee with tears in his eyes and saying the sweetest things to me all to end with, “Will you marry me?”.

It was the sweetest moment I have experienced in my life thus far and I will never forget it! I did not react the way I thought I would (you know, the balling crying freaking out type) but later after, it all hit me in the car is when all of the emotions came flooding in. As soon as he asked and of course I SAID YES, I turn around and see a photographer taking pictures of us. I thought this was just some person up there due to a ton of people taking pictures up there. I point to her and ask her if she would send me that… then I see my mom walk up to her like she knew her HA! They had this engagement all planned out and I just could not have asked for a better day in my life! We took engagement pictures and celebrated the rest of the weekend with my entire family. I was so surprised, shocked and just so very happy.

               After the initial engagement, he then told me how he designed the ring all by himself, and that my stone and his grandmother’s stones made up the entire ring. I had no idea he had his grandmother’s stones also! That was such a sweet surprise. Both of the people in my ring are now gone, but I cherish having my family & his family all in one on my hand every single day for the rest of my life. I know this was a long story but it’s our story and I will truly cherish it forever!

               XOXO, Paige”

Favorite part about being engaged?

               “My favorite part about being engaged is the celebration of love. I feel that Will and I have a very special kind of love, like my great grandparents and his grandparents, it is just different. Also, I love planning things, so planning a wedding has been very fun for me! I love creating ideas in my mind and then seeing them play out to be just what I dreamed.

               Will says his favorite part about being engaged is that he gets to celebrate us without doing the planning. Haha! He enjoys the food tastings and picking out what he wants to wear on our wedding day. He says he wants to look like James Bond, so of course he can do that!”

What advice do you have for other couples planning a wedding?

               “My advice for other couples planning a wedding is to have fun with it. I feel that all I have ever heard is how stressful wedding planning is, but I haven’t run into that yet! I have enjoyed finding a photographer (Miriam is the BEST!), videographer, venue, my wedding theme and all of the other fun that comes along with planning. I would say just plan far enough in advance to where you don’t have to stress! Once the wedding day comes, everything will be done so what is to stress about?”

Location/Venue: Old Town Spring and Hochzeit Hall

Makeup: Makeup by Reagan

Dress: Lulu’s

April 2, 2020

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